Cat Woman

We interrupt whatever you are doing, to bring you breaking news…

Cat Woman has been spotted in San Antonio.

I had just finished my dinner of a cheeseburger with sautéed onions, and poured the last remnants from a bottle of Carmeniere. Grabbing a book, my reading glasses, and the wine, I retired to the mirador to watch the sun set.

As I walked up the stairs and rounded the corner to the mirador, I happened to look to the left. Lo and behold, a sight I had never seen before. There was cat convention taking place on the flat roof of the house across the street.

Cats on a hot [tin?] roof

Cats on a hot [tin?] roof

There must have been more than a dozen cats chomping away on “something” in relative peace. My mind wondered whether they had dropped in on a mouse convention.

Then she appeared from a dark door on the ground level…Cat Woman. She had forgotten to put on her sexy tight-fitting outfit. She was going incognito as a normal Mexican housewife.

With a mighty heave she launched a barrage of what must have been table scraps in an altruistic effort to eliminate cat hunger. The scent of good will brought even more hungry felines to the dinner table, emerging from the shadows of the trees at the houses next door.

Rushing downstairs, I grabbed my camera, and managed to snap the photo above.

What do you do with your leftovers?

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