About Me

John 122112

I grew up in New Jersey, went college in Michigan, and have lived in Massachusetts since 1974. Separated from my ex-wife in 2011, I started thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve always loved to travel. In college, I studied in Spain for 6 months, became fluent in Spanish, and traveled all over Europe. In the mid-70s, I spent 7 weeks exploring Ecuador and Peru. I adopted my 2 children in Paraguay, and have returned there on numerous occasions. Our family did house exchanges in Canada, Ireland, Norway, and the U.S. And, our family had experiences sailing the Caribbean on a four-masted windjammer.

Before my divorce became final in August 2012, the lure of living abroad had already caught my interest. I subscribed to International Living Magazine, and started reading blogs of expats living in countries that interested me. I narrowed my search to Belize, lured by the dream of living in a tropical paradise and the added benefits of retirement incentive and English as the official language.

In the winter of 2012-13, I spent spent 3 months in Corozal, Belize. However, Belize wasn’t the right fit for several reasons. First, as a single, there wasn’t much to do in Corozal and there weren’t any single women I would want to date. Second, the weather was just too hot and humid (and I was there in the dry season!). After I got back, I decided I really wanted a more temperate climate.

These days, you’ll find me in Mexico. At 5000 ft. above sea level, and nestled along the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, the temperature is ideal. I’ve heard that National Geographic chose this area as having the second best climate in the world.

It’s a lot different from Belize in other ways too. The infrastructure is more modern; there are a lot more expats; the food is better and different; there’s a lot more to do; and the women outnumber the men 6:1 (so I’m told). And, while English is not the official language, you can easily get by with little to no knowledge of Spanish.

I hope you’ll follow my chronicles as I observe and comment on life in this little corner Mexico.