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My 6 Favorite Posts and More

I’ve been writing this blog for a year. In the past year, I’ve posted 50 times. This post, my 51st, is taking a short break from my road trip series to share my favorites. I’ll re-commence my road trip on Tuesday.

First, I want to thank all the people who found my postings worthy enough to gain your “followship,” as well as all those who have left comments. I’m not the most timely responder, and will need to do a better job in the coming year. And, I appreciate any and everyone who has taken the time to stop by and read what I have to say.

There’s are some great posts buried in the archives, and If you are newcomer and are enjoying “Retired ‘n’ Single Blog,” you might never discover some of my favorites from ‘way back when. Here are the six I had the most fun writing (in no particular order):

Of Spiders, Dogs, and other Pets
Everybody who reads this post has a good chuckle before they’re finished. It prompted my ex-wife to comment that she thought I was losing my mind. Epilogue: Fred was so overtaken by his fame and loss of anonymity that he just left town one day never to be seen again.

Cat Woman
The Cat Woman is still up to her old tricks. Since it gets dark earlier, you can’t see her. But you can hear the sprinkle of Kitty Kibble as it lands on the roof, and a bevy of feasting felines scrambles for their dinner.

Up or Down?: Ruminating on Toilet Seats
Either you love this one or you hate it. Regardless, and despite risking alienation of the fairer sex, I had a good time writing it.

How to Launder Money
All in good fun! You can’t help but thinking what some spy at the IRS thought when the agency’s Web crawlers found this tongue-in-cheek “how-to” post.

25 Reasons Not to Retire to Lake Chapala
There are so many reasons why Lake Chapala is a great place to live. This blog post looks at 25 of them from the viewpoint of the glass being half-full. Bah humbug!

How I Survived the “Blizzard of 2015”
I had a lot of fun poking fun at the “hardships” up north in Boston. And this January storm was just the beginning! Reality struck home when I returned north 6 weeks later and reported my findings in “Changes in Latitudes…”

The blog post with the most views is a recent one, “Road Trip 1: Am I Crazy.” It was the first post after a long hiatus. I didn’t realize there was such a pent-up demand. I might have to take more long breaks to get my readership up!

It seems like a lot of people like when I post about food. Mexico is a very interesting place to discover amazing foods. If you’re adventurous, there are all sorts of tempting discoveries hidden in the shops, markets, and little restaurants here. As someone who likes to “play” in the kitchen, I’ve also shared some of my experiments, including recipes. Here are some food posts you might like:

⇒  Dinner from the Dredges of the Refrigerator (recipe included)
⇒  When the World Gives you Mushrooms (recipe included)
⇒  Beer and Tomato Juice
⇒  Feet, Ears, Skin – Tostadas Revisited
⇒  Wednesday Lunch – Tacos at The Tianguis (still my favorite Wednesday lunch)
⇒  Tostadas: Taming the Mess

Please let me know which of my posts were your favorites?

Cat Woman

We interrupt whatever you are doing, to bring you breaking news…

Cat Woman has been spotted in San Antonio.

I had just finished my dinner of a cheeseburger with sautéed onions, and poured the last remnants from a bottle of Carmeniere. Grabbing a book, my reading glasses, and the wine, I retired to the mirador to watch the sun set.

As I walked up the stairs and rounded the corner to the mirador, I happened to look to the left. Lo and behold, a sight I had never seen before. There was cat convention taking place on the flat roof of the house across the street.

Cats on a hot [tin?] roof

Cats on a hot [tin?] roof

There must have been more than a dozen cats chomping away on “something” in relative peace. My mind wondered whether they had dropped in on a mouse convention.

Then she appeared from a dark door on the ground level…Cat Woman. She had forgotten to put on her sexy tight-fitting outfit. She was going incognito as a normal Mexican housewife.

With a mighty heave she launched a barrage of what must have been table scraps in an altruistic effort to eliminate cat hunger. The scent of good will brought even more hungry felines to the dinner table, emerging from the shadows of the trees at the houses next door.

Rushing downstairs, I grabbed my camera, and managed to snap the photo above.

What do you do with your leftovers?

Of Spiders, Dogs, and Other Pets

Almost everybody here has at least one dog. There’s evidence of them everywhere, whether it’s on the sidewalks or barking sounds emanating from behind locked gates at all hours of the day and night.

Dogs are good companions, and they provide a measure of security. My landlady has five of them – all Chihuahuas. How much of a deterrent a small dog like a Chihuahua is, I don’t know. I’m not of the mindset to break into any homes.

But, I’m sure that anyone wanting to break into my casita or my landlady’s house will want to think twice. After scaling a ten foot wall, ringed with metal spikes and barbed wire, I’m sure the thought of being attacked by a pack of 5 angry Chihuahuas is enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone who might want to try.

I don’t have a dog and I don’t want any. For all their good qualities, they are a drag on anyone who wants to pursue a lifestyle that includes a lot of frequent travel. Dogs are really for homebodies. That’s why they call them domestic animals.

But the past several days, I did acquire a domestic “pet”…kind of. I woke up one morning, and there he/she was – big brown spider – sitting on the wall across from my bed. By big, I mean big. It’s “wing span” was about the diameter of a 14 ounce can. The only time I can remember seeing a spider this big was a big hairy black and yellow one in the Dominican Republic crawling across the ceiling above my bed.

My first reaction was: how do I get rid of this thing? It’s too big to squish. My security deposit isn’t big enough to cover the clean-up. So what does one do when confronted with this kind of situation? Google “Mexican brown spider.”

Well, it seems that this guy looked like one by that very name. But, he’s bigger than the typical Mexican brown spider. They’re usually the size of a quarter. While they’re neither poisonous nor aggressive, you can get a nasty bite from them, and even a bad reaction. The advice when brown spiders are around is not to leave clothes on the floor and shake them out before putting them on.

Who knows how long this one’s been in my bedroom. You see, it’s kind of like one of those cats that don’t like people. They’re always hiding, so you never see them. I’ve learned that it lives behind a picture and only comes out at night. When it comes out, it never moves (unless disturbed). It just sits in the same place for hours…waiting for something. Maybe it’s waiting for daylight so it can crawl back behind the picture. I’m afraid to take the picture down because, with a spider that big, I can’t imagine the size of what its eating back there.

So, as long as my “pet” behaves and stays on the wall and behind the picture, I’ll let him stay.

Since every pet should have a name, I’ve named it Fred. Fred and I have had a talk. I don’t want him to get all cuddly like some other pets. So, I’ve told him in no uncertain terms is he to get into bed with me. I don’t need any spider hickeys.

Now, having a pet spider does have some advantages. Spider food is a lot less expensive than dog or cat food. A spider doesn’t need shots. You can leave it alone when you go away…kind of like cats. It can take care of itself. And if the time comes when you have to put it down…well. Bye-bye security deposit.

Gotta go. Fred just came out. He’s looking at me type from his perch on the other side of the room. I don’t want him to know I’m writing about him.